Teaching and mentorship enriched my graduate school experience. While at UCSB I improved my teaching abilities both by studying pedagogy and through practical experience: as a graduate student I was employed as an instructor of record for an upper-division physics course (Summer 2019), a teaching assistant for a freshman-level calculus-based physics course (Fall 2015), and a teaching assistant for an upper-division complex analysis course twice (Winter 2016 and Winter 2020).

Certificate in College and University Teaching

While at UCSB I received the Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT). To complete this course I taught an upper-division physics course as instructor of record (details below), took coursework relevant to college-level pedagogy, and wrote a literature review studying “best practices” for remote teaching; since I was employed as a teaching assistant during the coronavirus pandemic, this research topic was pertinent and timely. Ultimately this work was compiled into a Teaching Portfolio, available here [link], which contains my teaching philosophy statement and a quantitative analysis of my teaching based on student evaluations.

Instructor of Record teaching Lagrangian/Hamiltonian Mechanics

As part of completing the CCUT, in Summer 2019 I was the instructor of record for an upper-division Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics course (PHYS 104 at UCSB) for a class of 20 students. The syllabus for the class is available here [link], and the full set of course notes I used for the class are available here [link].